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Used Equipment / Designed Equipment / Agent Equipment / Material / Modification / Parts / Repair

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The head office is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, China,committed to providing grinding and sawing one-stop service. Focus on Asia market, providing cost down activity and improving productivity Products: Used equipment: Buy / Lease / Sell Semiconductor equipment design and sell Hubless blade and UV tape design and sell General agent:Equipment, instrument and material Dicing saw retrofitting, parts selling and parts repair 总公司位于苏州工业园区,在马来西亚吉隆坡和日本东京设有办事处。公司由中国,日本,台湾,马来西亚多名半导体行业资深从业人员组成,致力于提供研磨切割一站式服务。 主要提供: 切割研磨相关的二手设备回收,租赁和销售 切割研磨相关的小设备研发,代理和销售 切割研磨相关的UV膜,刀片等耗材研发和销售           切割研磨相关的级改造,配件销售和维修 ...

about us